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"Cybele" : Original Choreography

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-05-23 16:24:31 2017-05-23 17:24:31 America/Los_Angeles "Cybele" : Original Choreography "Cybele" : Original Choreography http://daturaonline.com/cybele-choreography http://daturaonline.com/cybele-choreography

Video Description: This unique, fun and challenging choreography is rooted in the gorgeous feminine expression of American Cabaret style belly dance with fusions of Classical Indian, African, and Western Modern dance esthetics. It combines up tempo shimmy variations and layers, beautiful flowing movements, lovely lines, and solid isolations. This original choreography moves between soft and sensual, fast and furious, poised and perfect to strong and sharp. Learning this dynamic choreography will provide a wonderful way to work on innovative techniques, transitions, and musicality.

American Cabaret Fusion Musicality Choreography Hips Body Region Movement Elements 01:20:14

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Ping!!! by Shilpa Chadha on 12/3/15

OMG i smile every time I revind and hear that ping! its super cute <3.. its so much easiier when you sing it too... awesome way to teach... thankyou ...

Sedona Soulfire:

RIGHT?! It's one of my favorite parts too!! Sing the Ping : )

love this! by kat on 9/11/15

love this!!!!!! shimmy craziness, but i am going to try!

Sedona Soulfire:

Super Shimmy Activate!! Best wishes as you work this choreo!

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