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Creative Steps with a Classic Twist

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2017-06-26 17:29:13 2017-06-26 18:29:13 America/Los_Angeles Creative Steps with a Classic Twist Creative Steps with a Classic Twist http://daturaonline.com/creative-steps-with-a-classic-twist http://daturaonline.com/creative-steps-with-a-classic-twist

Video Description: This belly dance class presents fast Tribal Style movements that incorporate classic foot patterns and traditional hip work which look stunning when performed by a group.  We will introduce the movements and flourishes, string them together into combos to drill, then drill them in formation with zils.  This workshop is appropriate for dancers of all levels and the moves are ATS® and/or ITS friendly.

Fusion Technique Footwork Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:01:00

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Challenging and beautiful by Sabine on 11/16/16

Wow, that was pretty challenging. Looking forward to doing this a million times in order to improve my footwork :) I also really looove the look oft these movements.

Colette Todorov:

Hi Sabine, So glad the moves appeal to you! I encourage my students to drill the footwork a lot, before adding the turns and flourishes. In addition to drilling the moves, practice transitioning into, and out of, the move to strengthen the ability to execute the move. Have fun! Colette

Assistance by DO Staff on 8/29/12

Hi Michelle! You may want to try the ATS® basics class and work on some fundamental footwork. You also can rewind and try it as many times as you like. Good luck!

creative steps classic twist by michelle on 8/28/12

i need help,anyother way to break it down because this girls lost with foot work.

Creative Steps with a Classic Twist by Victoria Martinko on 8/8/12

I really enjoy this video because I got to work on steps I knew already but had not "perfected" while also challenging me through one step I was not familiar with. The improv at the end is really helpful and a fun way to put all the moves together!
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