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Built: Upper Body Conditioning Workshop

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:50:53 2017-07-25 06:50:53 America/Los_Angeles Built: Upper Body Conditioning Workshop Built: Upper Body Conditioning Workshop http://daturaonline.com/conditioning-series-upper-body http://daturaonline.com/conditioning-series-upper-body

Video Description: This belly dance workshop is a 3-part workout focusing on the upper body. Class will begin with a 20-minute segment focusing on upper body strengthening, followed by a 20-minute dance drill segment using upper body isolations and Fusion movements, and ending with a 20-minute upper body flexibility stretching segment.

Fusion Any Style Yoga Pilates Conditioning Arms + Hands Shoulders Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 01:05:02

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Ashley does it again. by Rachel Brice on 12/4/15

Thanks so much for this class, lady!

Thanks for this video! by Laura on 5/8/13

I had some knee surgery recently and it's great to find a video exclusively for the upper body. It's so refreshing to be able to move and breathe, instead of lying around like a slug all day! Thanks Ashley and Datura.

Thank You by Joanna on 2/11/13

I've had injuries and a slew of issues with my shoulders since I started yoga and belly dance 10 years ago. I've felt like I've been arguing with my shoulders for that entire time period, struggling to find a balance of strengthening, drilling and conditioning. I just finished this class and my shoulders feel beyond amazing, they feel healthy. Thank you so much Ashley and Datura Online. Thank you Thank you Thank you. ♥.

Way cool! by Rachel O. on 1/29/13

My shoulders, delts and traps feel super stretched! In fact this workout has gotten rid of a recent pain in my left scapula. Thanks Ashley!!
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