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Built: Lower Body Conditioning Workshop

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:48:07 2017-07-25 06:48:07 America/Los_Angeles Built: Lower Body Conditioning Workshop Built: Lower Body Conditioning Workshop http://daturaonline.com/conditioning-series-lower-body http://daturaonline.com/conditioning-series-lower-body

Video Description: This workshop is from the "Built for Belly Dance Conditioning Series", which are fitness-based classes for belly dancers that build strength, flexibility, and technique.

This workshop is a 3-part-power-packed belly dance, yoga, and fitness workout focusing on the lower body. Class will begin with a yoga and fitness routine for strengthening, then we will proceed to belly dance drills and a Fusion combo that focus on the legs and hips. The workshop will conclude with a yoga and stretching segment to increase flexibility and range of motion in the lower body.

The "Built for Belly Dance Series" also includes workshops on conditioning and drills for the arms and torso.

Fusion Any Style Yoga Pilates Conditioning Hips Hipwork Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 01:04:18

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Reversed joke by ada totolan on 4/4/16

In our case we might as well say: " What is the similarity between a belly dance teacher and a train?"- "They both choo choo".

Ashley Lopez:

Yes!!! That's awesome.

Artist by Alaya on 11/24/12

Loved the first and last parts the most, enjoyed the middle...almost like an Oreo cookie, only with the cream at the ends and the cookie in the middle. ^.^

OMG!!! by Rachel on 11/2/12

So good I'm comin back for more tomorrow!!!! Butt kicker Ashley!!!! :-D

awesome! by zoe on 10/21/12

thanks! i loved this! i really look forward to the next one ;)

So much fun! by Sara on 10/18/12

I really enjoyed this workshop! It was so much fun and nicely balanced! Thak you! XOXO

Loved it! by Amy K on 10/13/12

Just did this workshop and LOVED it!!! Thank you so much Ashley Lopez! <3
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