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North Indian Classical Spins and Arms

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2016-07-30 10:51:06 2016-07-30 11:51:06 America/Los_Angeles North Indian Classical Spins and Arms North Indian Classical Spins and Arms http://daturaonline.com/classical-north-indian-turns-and-spins http://daturaonline.com/classical-north-indian-turns-and-spins

Video Description: Controlled, precise spins are the goal of this workshop and relevant for the beginner, as well as the advanced dancer. We will begin with a grounding Vinyasa Krama Yoga routine and establish arm patterns with a Kathak classical dance inspired drill. Spinning techniques from North Indian classical dance will lead the way into short spin combinations on an eleven count Hindustani rhythm. An endurance spinning drill is also included to practice spinning for greater durations. Be ready to push through to the next level no matter where you are with your dance. Suggested attire is a large spinning skirt and dancing barefoot is ideal for this class. Be sure the floor surface you are dancing on is appropriate for fast spins so as not to risk injury.

Indian Dance Technique Arms + Hands Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Spins + Turns 01:01:07

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Colleena Shakti by zoe on 2/25/14

Thank you so much! I loved these classes, they were amazing! A very different sense of both play and focus...beautiful!
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