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"Casino Badia": An Original Choreography

Teacher: April Rose

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2017-07-25 05:49:27 2017-07-25 06:49:27 America/Los_Angeles "Casino Badia": An Original Choreography "Casino Badia": An Original Choreography http://daturaonline.com/casino-badia-choreography http://daturaonline.com/casino-badia-choreography

Video Description: This workshop is a chronological breakdown of a classic choreography that reimagines dance in the Casino Badia era or 1920s Cairo. This historically inspired dance features skeletal shimmy technique, figure eights, weighted internal hip circles, balletic turns, elevated posture, and traveling undulations, all set to a Sama'i rhythm performed by George Sawa. We will move quickly through this dance so please be sure to warm up before beginning this choreography. For more difficult moves like the knee shimmy and the choo choo shimmy, please refer to April Rose's technique classes that break these down in detail.

For a visual reference of the "Casino Badia" era that inspired April Rose's choreography, check out this playlist we've put together on Youtube!

Classic & Egyptian Fusion Musicality Choreography Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:17:34

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Wow! by Dyani on 6/15/16

I loved learning this beautiful dance. I've never had the opportunity to study with you until now. I must say your technical, historical, and applied knowledge lend to a teaching style that is much appreciated. I value your unique approach to fusion, whereby you truly ground us in historical roots and seamlessly weave in modern stylizations. I cannot wait to take this to the stage. Thank you again.

For my daughter by Christine on 5/1/16

Thank you so much, I am so enjoying your teaching style as you teach this choreography, I am planning to dance it at my daughters 21st birthday, I so hope I can do it justice. Thanks so much April it is beautiful :)

My DO challenge :-) by Anna on 4/21/16

I'm trying this choreo, too, it's soooo nice, April! For sure I won't do it justice but I'll put all my love :-)))))))

Grace for Days! by Felicity on 4/19/16

Gonna try this for the belly dance challenge! Hopefully I can do it justice O^O

Casino Badia Leeeeeearning! by Makeda Gershenson on 4/2/16

Yay. I love seeing the choreography at the beginning of each section! It helps me visualize the upcoming movements I'll be learning. <3

Top Shelf! by Rachel Brice on 3/18/16

Thank you so much for your sublime choreography and clear teaching style!

Love!!! by Carol Ramsey on 3/18/16

So beautiful and easy to learn! Thank you so much for sharing this! P.S. Your green costume is AMAZING! :)

Beautiful! by Rosa Latva on 3/18/16

This is amazing! I love to be educated about bellydance's history! Thank you.

<3 by Sindara on 3/17/16

Loved this class and choreo! Beautiful!!!

Love Lamma Bada by Catherine Mary on 3/17/16

beautiful and soft music and movement! excited to learn
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