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Bold and Beautiful Big Hip Movements

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-25 05:46:41 2017-07-25 06:46:41 America/Los_Angeles Bold and Beautiful Big Hip Movements Bold and Beautiful Big Hip Movements http://daturaonline.com/bold-and-beautiful-big-hip-movements http://daturaonline.com/bold-and-beautiful-big-hip-movements

Video Description: In this belly dance class we will be focusing on large, exaggerated hip movements. Big Hip Movements are one of the most exciting components in a belly dance repertoire, not only are they fun and dramatic but they also serve as the perfect contrast to intricate interior hip work and tight shimmies. We will break down and drill various favorite “Big Hip Movements”, then put them together to create an American Cabaret style combination. The class will also include an extended warm up designed to increase hip flexibility and mobility as well as a hip opening cool down.

American Cabaret Technique Fundamentals Hips Footwork Vocabulary Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:07:42

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Goddess! by KIKI on 12/18/15

You are a totally gem!Really love your energy! Makes me feel rose quartz light when I practice with your videos. Thank you!

Sedona Soulfire:

Ooooh yes!! I felt golden glowy just reading this : ) Sending light bright dance sparkles your way! Thank *YOU* !

wow! by Brenna on 11/15/12

Amazing and very sweaty drillz. lol. Love how comprehensive you are!

Amazing practice! by Marilia on 8/5/12

Thanks for that, Sedona!
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