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Belly Dance Basics #2: Egyptian, Hip Circles and Twists

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-06-24 10:37:44 2017-06-24 11:37:44 America/Los_Angeles Belly Dance Basics #2: Egyptian, Hip Circles and Twists Belly Dance Basics #2: Egyptian, Hip Circles and Twists http://daturaonline.com/belly-dance-basics-egyptian-hip-circles-and-twists http://daturaonline.com/belly-dance-basics-egyptian-hip-circles-and-twists

Video Description: This workshop will be focusing on some of the most fundamental belly dance movements. This is the perfect intro class for someone new to belly dance or a more advanced dancer looking to fine-tune the basics. In this class you will learn the Egyptian Basic, various hip circles, and hip twists. We will do all movements in place and then travel with them as well. Each movement is broken down, drilled, and then finally combined with complimentary movements and danced!

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Any Style Technique Fundamentals Hips Footwork Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:58:46

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fun class by Evil Shai Hulud on 6/4/17

Great first class! It makes me excited I want to try out everything on here!! I have done about six different introduction to bellydance DVD's, and i'm never sure where to go from there with only at home practice. I'm so excited to use Datura's programs to guide me to actual improvement and progress with Dance. So far 10/10 stars for Datura.

Simple and Fun ! by Voodali on 5/28/17

My first class on Datura. Lots of fun, easy to follow yet just enough challenge.

Great Intro to the site by Helen on 5/19/17

Thank you for the beautiful class <3

Great Intro to the site by Helen on 5/19/17

Thank you for the beautiful class <3

So much fun! by Jasmine Semjase on 4/22/17

Great class! This really helped me ground into the basics in a way that reminds me to smile and enjoy the art of movement. I love the drill combo too! Thank you for a soul warming dance session!

Fun! by Stephanie on 4/7/17

As a beginner I'm anxious to get to dancing. Thank you for so efficiently and effectively demonstrating and guiding us through a fun foundational practice!

Happy and Excited by LarryG on 1/23/17

This resource and series is exactly what I have been wishing existed...and then I found it! Thank you so much for the wonderful and challenging beginner class, Sedona. As someone totally new to belly dancing without a lot of group practice opportunity in my location this will help me get comfortable with the foundations and build my practice. Ever grateful!

New beginning by Lyric on 1/9/17

Thank you Datura for having an online resource. It gives me a place to start over and grow without breaking my pocketbook. The first class was good I will be doing this one probably a few times. Onward!

so wonderful by océane on 1/9/17

Thank you Sedona, I have never danced before and this has been a fantastic start ... just to think we were actually BELLY DANCING by the end of it! I love your style and grace and esp. your blessing at the end - it made a real connection x

Thanks so much! by Eleonora on 1/3/17

Thank you very much! this is the first time I bellydance after 4 years and it have been absolutely wonderful!

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY! Welcome Back Beauty! Keep up the good work : )

Thank You! by Jessica on 12/27/16

This is the first time I've danced after having my baby - it was great to feel those muscles working again!! You're a great teacher!

Sedona Soulfire:

OH CONGRATULATIONS!! On both little one and COMING BACK TO DANCE!! Wooooooo!! Thank you so much, wishing you the best on your Motherhood and Dance journeys : )

Thank You! by Jessica on 12/27/16

This is the first time I've danced after having my baby - it was great to feel those muscles working again!! You're a great teacher!

Great class by Carrie on 10/12/16

I struggled with some of the moves but I will definitely be practicing them!

Sedona Soulfire:

Oh yes! Keep up the consistent practice and positive attitude, your body will respond in no time! Happy Dancing!

Miss by Carrie on 10/12/16

This is my first class here and what a great class! Thank you!

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY!! Welcome! Congratulations on your practice! Keep up the good work!

Fine tuning by Nichole on 8/27/16

You are a wonderful teacher! Great at breaking it down and explanations. This video helped me to clean up my technique! That combo was great at the end.

Sedona Soulfire:

THANK YOU BEAUTY! This is so great to hear! Happy Dancing, keep up the good work : )

Lovely Introduction by Marcie on 8/5/16

I'm finally signing up for belly dance classes and the Datura classes will be a great plus for my practice. I had a lovely time learning today. Thank you, Ms. Soulfire for your wisdom and gentle energy :-)

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY!! Welcome to the wondrous world of Belly Dance! That's so exciting, I'm happy for you! Blessings on your journey, it is sure to be filled with beauty and growth. S~

My first Sedona Soulfire class and loved it. by Scarlett on 6/11/16

I really like the way you broke down each step, especially the turn-Very helpful! The combo at the end was fun too!!

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY!! I'm so glad you liked it. Keep up the good work : )

Fantastic first class, ya'll! by Mishella Bella on 4/26/16

OMG ya'll, Sedona Soulfire just kicked mah butt! Fantastic class, and a great workout. I am a total beginner, so it will take me a few times through this class, I think, but I am already looking forward to giving it another go. :)

Gentle & Precise Instruction by Catherine Mary on 11/29/15

Well done!

Sedona Soulfire:

Thank you!!

GREAT by Kiri on 11/1/15

Thank you for this beautiful class!

Sedona Soulfire:

You're Welcome! Thanks for cyber dancing with me : )

<3 by Shannon on 9/11/15

Loved it! What is the song playing during cool down?

Sedona Soulfire:

NightBloomer, the tracks are listed to the side of the video : )

Sedona is awesome by Erica on 10/23/14

I just love her energy and easy instruction. I can really pinpoint where my weaknesses are when in these basics classes.

Sedona Soulfire:

Oh Yes! Congrats on your honest assessment and doing where you need to do the work, I'm glad this class is helping! Many blessings on your dance journey : )

Quality equals in-class experience by Sue on 10/12/14

I took three classes from Sedona at the studio, but because of scheduling conflicts I decided to use the online videos until I can get back to the studio. The videos capture the clear instruction and positive vibe that suffuses the studio classes - awesome - thanks!

Sedona Soulfire:

Yay!! So glad that we can keep dancing together : ) Honoring you commitment to make it all work! Happy Dancing!

i loved this first class by Sofia on 4/22/14

this was my first daturaonline class and i can say... totally worth it, thanks sedona, i truly admire you

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY!!!! Keep up the practice Beauty!! And WELCOME TO D.O. So great to have you here!

Truly a world class instructor by Barbara on 2/23/14

I just love your teaching style and enthusiasm :)

Sedona Soulfire:

THANK YOU!!! I LOVE BELLY DANCE, I LOVE TEACHING BELLY DANCE and I LOVE knowing that I am connecting with dancers across the globe! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Great Intro Class! by Sherri on 2/23/14

Lovely class and great workout! Thanks for the "baby steps" and wonderful breakdown!

Thank You! by Sedona on 4/4/13

Oh Thank You Ladies! its so great to hear you enjoyed and appreciated it. I love dancing and working on the basics! This class was so fun to teach! Happy Practice!

Nice class by Joëlle on 9/11/12

Beautiful practice! It's very clear, well explained and easy to follow. Thanks, I like it!

Great class! by Dawn on 8/25/12

This is a great class!
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