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Beginning ATS®: Class 5

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2017-07-25 05:48:35 2017-07-25 06:48:35 America/Los_Angeles Beginning ATS®: Class 5 Beginning ATS®: Class 5 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-5 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-5

Video Description: This beginning level ATS® class starts with a warm up then reviews posture. Wrap-around Turn is introduced and slow movements are layered onto level changes. We review Turkish Shimmy then add a 1⁄2 Turn and introduce Reach & Sit. Class finishes with a call and response zil drill which rotates through the common zil pattern used in ATS® belly dance and a cool down.

American Tribal Style® Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 01:02:51

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turkish directions by valkyrie on 3/4/17

Hi, Not sure if this will be answered here. But I'm really confused about which direction to face in general, but especially when the turkish shimmy is involved. It seems like most move are done at a 45 to the right. So when you add the turkish shimmy at its basic step, its at the 45 to the right. When you add the half or qt turns does your body, do the turns facing the walls or the corners, its hard to tell from the video?

Colette Todorov:

Hi Valkyrie, Thanks for the question about body angles. In ATS®, this is so important for sight lines between leaders and followers. In general, the body is angled towards the front left corner, which allows the followers to have the leader in their sight line. When a move turns, you'll keep the same body angle you had when facing front. In Turkish Shimmy, the body is angled to the front left corner while the arms extend to the right, almost to the front right corner. When you turn Turkish Shimmy, either quarter turn or half turn, you'll keep the same body and arm angles as you had when facing front. For example, the quarter turn and half turn start the same way, by turning to face stage left. At this point, angle the body towards the left and extend your arms to the right (or up for quarter turns) - in relation to the front, your body is angled to the back left corner and the arms extend to the front left corner. If you were doing quarter turns and continued to turn to the back, angle the body towards the back right corner and extend the arms to the back left corner. For both turns, you turn to face the sides of the "box", or the wall, not the corners. That being said, in Turkish Shimmy half turns, I can see the diagonal line of the arms that are reaching towards the corners, but I always need to focus on where my front is to get me angles correct. This is a long answer - I hope it helps! Colette

Highly Recommend by Tiffany T. on 1/8/14

Highly recommend Colette's Beginning ATS®: Class 5 on Datura Online! Covered a couple of my fav moves (Reach and Sit, Wrap Around Turn), as well as levels and a surprise pilates ab warm up, phew!
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