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Beginning ATS®: Class 3

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2017-03-23 19:26:48 2017-03-23 20:26:48 America/Los_Angeles Beginning ATS®: Class 3 Beginning ATS®: Class 3 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-3 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-3

Video Description: This beginning level ATS® belly dance class starts with a warm up, then introduces basic slow moves including Camel Walk, Torso Twist, and the Propeller Turn. Fast movements will include Shimmy Step, and Turkish Shimmy, and adding a 1/4 turn to the Turkish Shimmy. Class finishes with a zil drill that rotates through the common drill patterns used in ATS® followed by a cool down.

American Tribal Style® Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Hips Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 01:01:27

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Shimmy step with arms in 5th by Joy on 3/9/17

Hi Colette, thank you so much for all the detailed instructions! I have a 'cue' question: can you tell me the difference between a shimmy step in which you move the arms to 5th, and the cue for Egyptian. I find it hard to see and follow these mini-differences! Thank you sooo much <3

shimmy step by océane archer on 2/21/17

Hi Colette, thanks so much for this great class. I found it easy to follow until we got to the shimmy step, which I had real challenges with. Do you have another spotlight video which drills this move at a slower pace? I found that trying to do shimmy, steps, arms, turns and then zils just too much so I think I need to go back and practice getting the shimmy up to speed before I go on any further. Thank you !

Colette Todorov:

Hello Oceane, The shimmy step is one move that I had to spend a lot of time on to get it right. The mechanics of the hips going up-down-up is important to understand, but I feel the momentum of the body moving (the muscles and the flesh) is really what makes the shimmy a shimmy! In my Beginning ATS® Class 4, I introduce the Ghawazee Shimmy, which has a similar hip movement but is done flat footed. That breakdown and drill may help with Shimmy Step. Also, if you search for 3/4 Shimmy, you'll find a number of classes with drills from other Datura Online teachers. Like any fast ATS® move, start with the feet first, then add the hips and shimmy. Once those are feeling good, add the arms, turns, and zils. Have fun! Colette

Turkish Shimmy by Gabriela on 4/25/15

Hi Colette! I have a little question. When I use a turkish shimmy 1/4 turn in improvisation, Do i have to go to the four walls or do i have to go to the four corners? Thanks ! Great Classes!! :D

Colette Todorov:

Hi Gabriela, The Turkish Shimmy 1/4 turn will face the 4 walls as you turn - 1. stage left, 2. the back, 3. stage right, 4. return to the front. Great detail question and I'm so glad you are enjoying the classes!! - colette

Instructor by Colette on 4/4/13

Hello, I'm thrilled that you are all enjoying the classes! It would be wonderful if we could all dance together some way! Colette

Thank you! by Shalimar on 2/15/13

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in clear and well structured series of classes, I understood so many details after "attending" your class, THANK YOU!

Fantastic...again! by Cheryl on 1/27/13

I would highly recommend this class for anyone looking to learn the basics of ATS. I live in a state where there are no ATS classes (bummer) so these rentals are truly a gem. Kudos again to Ms. Todorov.

loving the ATS by bellyburger on 11/5/12

More ATS please :)
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