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Beginning ATS®: Class 2

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2017-07-25 05:46:15 2017-07-25 06:46:15 America/Los_Angeles Beginning ATS®: Class 2 Beginning ATS®: Class 2 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-2 http://daturaonline.com/beginning-ats-class-2

Video Description: After a quick warm up, slow arm undulations, arm flourishes, and Bodywave are presented in this ATS® basic belly dance class. Fast variations, including Egyptian 1⁄2 Turn and Arabic Arm Flourishes are introduced and drilled with zils. We break down and drill duet and trio formations, then finish with a cool down.

American Tribal Style® Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 00:42:47

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Cue to duett by Namid on 1/9/17

Dear Colette, how do you cue the change from trio to duett? It looks allways so plump as I begins with it. Im sure there's something I am missing to do, to show the third and the second dancer when we are getting in the change to duett. Thank you so much for all your help, I really love your videos, you are so clear!!! <3 Kind regards from Switzerland!

Colette Todorov:

Hello Namid, Thanks for the questions. Communication transitions and changes to formation can be tricky. If we wanted to start a song with a trio, then switch to a duet to finish the song, we would discuss this ahead of time. I'd say something like, Colette, Namid and Rachel start the song, then Rachel leaves and Colette and Namid finish the song. This way we all know that at some point Rachel will leave the trio and join the chorus. All the dancers would be prepared for the change and would circle mid-way through the song, all make eye-contact and Rachel would quickly leave. For this kind of transition, it is important for the person leaving, to make sure everyone knows they are leaving (don't just sneak away - make eye contact), and to leave quickly and gracefully. Have fun with your duets and trios! Colette

Bodywave by Vorsaga on 4/30/16

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong for my bodywave with this class. *phew!* Thank you so much Ms. Todorov!

Instructor by Colette on 10/5/13

Thanks Jessi!

Thanks Colette! by Jessi on 8/26/13

This series has hooked me on ATS. It's so graceful and grounded. Colette, you are a lovely teacher and a beautiful dancer. :) Thank you.

Instructor by Colette on 4/4/13

Hi Cheryl, So glad you are enjoying the class, there are some really FUN ones just released! Colette

Fantastic by Cheryl on 1/27/13

I am so glad I tried this class! Ms. Todorov is a wonderful instructor, and she breaks down the movements in a very clear, concise manner. It is really wonderful to have these ATS classes available...a great alternative to spending $30 for an ATS DVD. Thanks daturaonline!
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