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Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 2

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-24 10:37:51 2017-06-24 11:37:51 America/Los_Angeles Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 2 Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 2 http://daturaonline.com/beginner-s-tribal-fusion-series-class-2 http://daturaonline.com/beginner-s-tribal-fusion-series-class-2

Video Description: In this Tribal Fusion class, we explore a simple traveling combination and then add arm movements on top. Basic hip and chest movement will also be drilled, with a focus on clean, strong, muscular articulation. A nice, long arm and shoulder drill is included to build strength and stamina for beautiful and graceful arms. We will warm-up and cool-down with a bit of yoga and Pilates so grab your yoga mat as well!

Fusion Technique Footwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:01:00

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Awesome class! by Jasmine Semjase on 4/22/17

This is a great intro to tribal fusion! I really appreciate the focus on posture and how well the movements are broken down - this really helps me learn how to dance properly! Thank you for such a FUNdamental class :)

<3 Ashley by Raine on 1/15/13

This class was so much fun. Ashley gives such great explanations. I finally understand the moves now that I've watched this video. It helps so much now that I know what muscles make each movement. You're the best! Thanks Ashley!!

Missis by Fi on 11/22/12

LOVED this class, I do a few classes a week on here, its great to have the freedom to do a short one, a long one, a spotlight... And i can really feel myself improving now, I can keep up (nearly) and i can feel my hips and belly muscles for the first time in years! Ashlee is a wonderful teacher, an inspiration! Thank you so much :)

YAY!!! by Tina on 9/25/12

I did not make it to class tonight in person. But I got to do tribal basics 1 here instead! And I could keep up... Yay! Very beneficial for me... can't wait for more!
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