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Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 1

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-24 10:37:46 2017-06-24 11:37:46 America/Los_Angeles Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 1 Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 1 http://daturaonline.com/beginner-s-tribal-fusion-series-class-1 http://daturaonline.com/beginner-s-tribal-fusion-series-class-1

Video Description: This Tribal Fusion class is designed for the beginning belly dancer or anyone looking to revisit and practice some basic belly dance essentials. In this video, we will start by breaking down belly dance posture. Then we’ll work with some basic footwork and traveling hip locks, upper body isolations, and snake arms. Have a mat ready as we’ll begin with a short yoga and Pilates conditioning sequence.

Fusion Technique Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:02:00

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So amazing class! by Bellydancehead on 6/5/17

I loved this class so much and enjoyed dancing so much. Ashley, you're a great teacher, your classes engouraged me to develop myself not only physically but mentally. I used to like only dancing and didn't condition myself properly, but your classes made me start to combine different aspects of health. Thank you so much! This was amazing!

So beautiful class by Dary Herrera on 2/15/17

I tough my neutral position was fine until this explanation, I realize my knees are taking a lot of my weight, so thank you for getting me out of that mistake. The class was wonderful, hard work and easy to follow, pretty much all the basic movements you want to learn as a beginner.

Training Schedule? by Rhonda on 11/24/16

Needing some advice. I'm a complete beginner to dance, much less belly dancing and am very interested in joining, but I'm not sure whether to rent for 30 days or do the monthly. In your experience, how long does it take the average person with no previous experience to comfortably learn and be able to advance to the next video in the series? This is something I've wanted to do all my life and would love to start immediately.

Amazing class by Tânia Amaral on 3/13/16

Amazing.. just amazing class... Beautiful... I am so far away, here in Mozambique, Africa, and for me its just amazing that i can have this kind of classes.. Thank you so much... Thank you soooooo much....

modification for Pilates? by Renate on 10/31/15

Love this class, thanks Ashley! Just a quick question for the pilates warm up: I'm finding the c-curve exercises difficult and a bit straining on my low back (have prior back issues and had surgery this year). What could you recommend as an alternative that isn't quite so dependant on the low back? Thanks so much!

Ashley Lopez:

Hi Renate! If you have a previous injury, it's possible that "C" curve or flexion of the spine is not advisable. In this case you can modify by practicing in a neutral spinal position (straight, but not arching back.) If it is a matter of rehabilitating the muscles and gaining strength, you can simply not go as far/deep. You can also lie on your back and practice crunches, and do the leg movements from a lying-down position instead of a seated/reclined position. Hope that helps!!!

Clear Instruction! by Renate on 8/23/15

This is my first class with Datura Online. I did a bit of belly dance about 5 years ago, and never really progressed much without knowing how to practice. This is so much fun and a great help! Thank you so much Ashley for your wonderful teaching and warm casual manner, I felt well guided throughout!

Ashley Lopez:

Thank you so much for your kind words, Renate! I am glad you're enjoying it!

Fun Stuff by Ashley on 2/25/15

Ashley is an excellent teacher! Admittedly I felt pretty hopeless the first time I tried this video, but on the second time around I am surprised at how well my muscle memory works. I think the key is to do these things over and over until it feels more natural. She does a perfect job at explaining each movement.

awesome by Sofia on 5/23/14

I loved this one!!!! a few weeks ago i was having trouble following, but today I could do it with noproblems, and Ashley its just lovely

Awesome Isolations by Dacia on 3/21/14

I love it! The isolations in this video are my favorite because they're easy to follow and broken down really well. I love her teaching style :)

Oooph by Saleana on 3/16/14

Just did this workout for the first time - kicked my butt! Totally worth it, I'm going to do this every day until I feel comfortable enough to move forward. Love that there's a warm-up and cool down. I've watched many videos that don't have these. Ashley is beautiful to watch and makes the hard work that goes into these fun!

Long way to go but... by Kristen on 3/26/13

I am a brand new belly dancer. I come from a dance background but I haven't danced in a long time and I have a lot of weight to lose and a lot to learn (and re-learn). I have been doing this class almost every day for two weeks. In just that short amount of time I feel so much stronger, and I am committed to sticking with this video until I commit every movement to muscle memory. Thank you, Ashley, for your great teaching, and to DO for giving me the opportunity to learn to belly dance despite living two hours away from a belly dancing class.

Great foundational class! by Lauren on 1/31/13

I haven't danced in a while and felt like I should start from square 1 and this is the perfect video for that!

Love it! by Haidre on 12/2/12

WOW that was a workout! I loved it though, Ashley is very personable and lovely to watch, and she gives very clear and understandable instruction. I've never been able to get the back drop part of the chest circle until this. I'm looking forward to working on this until I can do the whole thing without pausing :) Thanks!!

Missis by Fi on 11/11/12

Loving this class! I think Ashley is just lovely and its really helped me develop my strength in my arms and legs. The first time i did it, the pilates bit nearly killed me and i couldnt get all the way through, now i can follow the footwork, can get right the way through and am thinking about moving on to the second class :) Thanks Ashley (and crew)

Great classes by Kasia on 10/28/12

I had wonderful practice with you, Ashley! Perfect way to sharpen the locks and conditioning is also very efficient. Thank you so much for the series!

Wonderful Class by Doe on 10/21/12

I love your style of teaching, Ashley. I made it all the way through today and am loving that I am actually starting to feel each group of muscles.

Great start by Joëlle on 9/24/12

The Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 1, is really good for postures and locks. I had a little trouble to follow the footwork, but I listened again and I understood! Until now I could not feel my gluts, but how you teach them is really effective. Thank you !
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