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Basic Training

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New to Belly Dance? Interested in the fundamentals? This program was designed for the complete beginner or anyone interested in fundamental belly dance technique.

Never set foot into a dance studio before? Great! Our knowledgable and friendly teachers lead you through the basic moves of belly dance in a variety of belly dance styles. And in your online studio, you get to go at your own pace!

By the end of this month-long practice, you will learn how to have graceful hands and arms, how to do a belly roll, a shimmy, snake arms, and various hip and chest isolations. You'll also learn some traveling movements and combinations. Welcome to belly dance!

This program features two sessions of Datura Online classes per week. Feel free to shift it around to whichever two days work best for your schedule. You're also more than welcome to repeat classes as much as you want or supplement this program with any other classes on the site.

Each of these program sessions will run between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Basic Training Belly Dance Program

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Practice Tip

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Basic Training : Week 4

Session 1

Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 2 (1:01:00)

Session 2

Playlist (1:04:05)

Posture for Tribal Belly Dance - Tribal Fundamentals Spotlight - Hip Work and Level Changes

You've made it to week 4! Congratulations! This program will wrap up by focusing on a specialized style of belly dance, Tribal Fusion. Ashley will guide you further into the world of Tribal Fusion with a full body tribal fusion beginner class to build on what you have previously learned. Then you will work with Colette on tribal style posture and some fundamentals you may recognize. Rachel finishes this program by teaching you a strong and powerful hip work combination. You did it!

Week 4, Session 1 : (1:01:00)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Beginner's Tribal Fusion Series: Class 2

In this class, we explore a simple traveling combination and then add arm movements on top. Basic hip and chest movement will also be drilled, with a focus on clean, strong, muscular articulation. A nice, long arm and shoulder drill is included to build strength and stamina for beautiful and graceful arms. We will warm-up and cool-down with a bit of yoga and Pilates so grab your yoga mat as well!

Week 4, Session 2 : Playlist (1:04:05)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Posture Pointers for Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Style belly dance is known for its uplifted posture, which supports and carries the body and results in a strong, confident presentation. These pointers breakdown the specifics of posture and explain how great posture can improve dance technique and presentation. This spotlight is from Colette's "Flamenco Inspired Movements for Group Improvisation" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Tribal Fundamentals Spotlight

Basic movements provide a strong foundation for any belly dance practice and are the starting point for variations and complex layering. This spotlight focuses on proper technique for three fundamental slow movements in tribal style belly dance, Taxeem, Reverse Taxeem and Bodywave, to ensure a dramatic presentation and prepare for advanced variations. This spotlight is from Colette's "Flamenco Inspired Movements for Group Improvisation" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Hip Work and Level Changes

This simple yet challenging class uses a technique combination that focuses primarily on hip work on the up and on the down. This video is meant to be used multiple times, so it starts slowly, with attention to detail, and is then drilled with quicker and quicker pacing to challenge the beginning through intermediate dancer over the course of one to six months. It begins with a brief conditioning section to warm up your spine and joints, and ends with a relaxing yoga practice.

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