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Basic Short Yoga Sequence

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-05-27 04:33:58 2017-05-27 05:33:58 America/Los_Angeles Basic Short Yoga Sequence Basic Short Yoga Sequence http://daturaonline.com/basic-short-yoga-practice http://daturaonline.com/basic-short-yoga-practice

Video Description: This short but effective yoga practice relaxes the deep and superficial muscles on either side of the spine, and supports and hips and low back. This sequence can be used for your belly dance practice or on it's own. This yoga sequence is part of Rachel's "Up-Tempo Locks and Isolations Class".

Yoga Warm Up Back Cool Down Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 00:09:07

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Ahhh by Omega on 5/30/16

This is gentle enough to do after you've just woken up! Woohoo!

Really like this by Xsapheli on 3/31/15

This yoga sequence is great for people like me, who aren't that experienced with yoga. It's gentle and relaxing but still effective. =)

My husband did it with me! by Jessica on 5/12/13

I managed to get my husband to do this workout with me and he LOVED IT!! He said this was only for girls but when we finished he said his back felt a lot better. He says he wants to do the yoga sessions with me!! Thank you Rachel!!

Really loving Rachel's latest yoga class! by Misha M. on 10/4/12

Really loving Rachel's latest yoga class. It is absolutely perfect for relaxing and centering after a stressful day at work, or to use as a way to start off my day right. Thank you so much!
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