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Basic Full Body Pilates Workout

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-26 17:32:20 2017-06-26 18:32:20 America/Los_Angeles Basic Full Body Pilates Workout Basic Full Body Pilates Workout http://daturaonline.com/basic-full-body-pilates-workout http://daturaonline.com/basic-full-body-pilates-workout

Video Description: This is a beginning level Pilates workout designed with the needs of belly dancers in mind. The beginning of this workshop is an introduction to the principles of the method, and guides the student through the main points of stabilization and good form, and includes tips for self-correction. This class focuses on strengthening the abdominals, back muscles while stabilizing the body for belly dance movement. This workout features primarily classic Pilates exercises and offers a variety of modifications for beginners.

Pilates Warm Up Conditioning Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 01:04:59

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Daily dose! by Julieta Maffia on 2/3/17

This work out is just amazing. Super enlightning and clear. Highly recommended to anyone. Should be done every day. Thanks you, Ashley! I do have a question. When i was doing my hip circles, i did have Pops in my hips joints, and Yes, i did make Them smaller. My question here is what does the Pops mean? Can i fix this situation? Thanks!

Ashley Lopez:

Hey Julieta, I'm so glad you're enjoying the workout! Regarding popping in the hips, this is common and if there's no pain associated with it I've been told one shouldn't worry too much about it--but great job modifying to make the movement smaller. Popping can be an indicator of many things, but to get an exact answer you should probably be looked at in-person. I have personally experienced this and as I worked on better movement, better posture, and strengthening the deeper hip muscles, it's gone away completely. I hope that over time you experience something similar! Happy practicing. :-) ~Ashley

WOW by Myra on 1/7/17

First time I have done pilates and this was awesome. Very well done! Thank you!

WOW by Myra on 1/7/17

First time I have done pilates and this was awesome. Very well done! Thank you!

Addition: this must be magic by Lilya on 12/28/16

Since my first comment below, my knee injury stabilized into a fairly clear-cut bilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome; this class is one of my two most helpful allies, together with swimming (if only I could do both every day!). I may have gotten a bit too optimistic/impatient and tried to dance yesterday... well, I'm not sure what got impinged where (I could only narrow it down to a lateral cutaneous nerve, either sural or femoral) so that an area on the side of my right knee started tingling - it refused to stop until about 15 minutes into this class, for which I am very, very grateful. Thank you! I'm trying to play it safe for the next little while with regards to kneeling (before the tingling episode, I was still able to kneel on a roll and didn't have any issues); the best I could come up as alternatives for shell stretch and cat/cow are basically forms of seated forward folds. Also, aside from contributing to my base issue (by creating a functional bow-leggedness), the extra soft tissue on my thighs doesn't let me easily bring the knees to my chest or too close together while seated (or hug them from the front for backward rolling). I wonder if holding the knees hip-width distance apart instead in these cases would mean defeating most of the mechanical purpose of the moves or even putting undue stress onto the low back - for now, I'm trying my best to squeeze the knees close, but any advice on an acceptable modification would be taken to (a very thankful) heart. <3

Ashley Lopez:

Woo HOOO!!!!! I love hearing this. I am so very very grateful for Joseph's teachings, and so proud to carry on the exercise form. I think it's truly magical, brilliant, and I'm so happy this has helped you, Lilya!!

Thank you! by Lilya on 11/11/16

Great workshop, I'm very happy that this is my introduction to Pilates (which was highly recommended by my physiotherapist for strengthening my core and gluteals after I showed up with a - seemingly long-in-the-making - knee injury). You are an amazing teacher, so clear, knowledgeable and kind!

This is amazing by Jen Elliott on 8/27/16

I'm super excited about this work out. I have issues with the small muscles around my left hip joint (Piriformis syndrome). I've done this specific workout a few times now and have noticed a HUGE difference. I can see a difference in my body already. I have a long ways to go.. but WOO HOO. I look forward to doing this on a regular basis. I'm SOO glad I found this video. Not only will it make my dance practice better, but my general quality of life is improving with less pain. Thank you thank you! <3!

Truly awesome! by Tasia Celeste Kelly on 1/11/16

I woke up this morning with a bit of minor spasm in my lower back... Ashley Lopez is coming to Alaska this weekend and I have been trying so hard to do one of her videos every day to prepare for her vigorous 2 day workshop. I was a bit discouraged with my back pain this morning, but I thought I would give this beginners level Pilates a try... How amazing! Not only does my back NOT hurt more, it really feels better! Pilates really does kick butt for dancers! Also, the introduction is really interesting! Thank you Miss Ashley!

Best Pilates I've found! by Brenna on 5/5/15

The most thorough and intense instruction I've ever found. Plus very friendly for people with injuries or aches and pains.

Lovely practice! by Erica on 10/15/14

Felt that in my whole body. Clear, easy to follow instruction that helped me get in touch with the muscles worked. Best mat class I've ever received.

Great conditioning! by Liberty on 9/23/14

My feet were very sore today but I still wanted some good, strong yet gentle, conditioning. This class was perfect! All done on the mat with no impact. I was pleased to find that my core is stronger than I thought it was, and made aware that I need to work on hip strength and flexibility more. Thank you, Ashley! Your classes kick my ass in the best possible way. <3

Thank you! by Laura C. on 1/10/14

Thank you so much for this video! It's been instrumental in helping me to gently rehab a lower back injury. Ashley's instruction is always clear and encouraging, and I appreciate that she always offers modifications for different levels.

For Celine (above) by Ashley on 4/26/13

Celine, it is absolutely okay for you to put your head on a block or pillow while lying on your back, this is a modification that I make for many students. Often, I'll walk around class and just put them under people who have more increased lordosis in their necks. EXCEPTION: when we're doing any sort of bridge, or when we're doing any sort of roll-over(butt comes off the floor while lying on the back) you need to remove the block or pillow. Thanks for watching, so glad you guys are enjoying this, I worked really hard on the sequence and your comments warm my heart!!!

must try! by darcy on 2/20/13

Wonderful mat practice! Thanks Ashley for your patient and positive guidance. :)

Wonderful Ashley! by Christine Tarang on 2/19/13

Very good explanation and teaching! The body feels wonderful afterwards. Even my husband is joining this lesson sometimes! Never enjoyed Pilates so much before. A big thank you!!!

I enjoyed this workout, but i have a question... by Celine on 2/7/13

I haven't tried a Pilates workout in a while. Mostly due to the fact that if I lie real flat on my back for too long, I get dizzy/ lightheaded/ nauseous. I honestly do not know why this happens to me. I've tried yoga with the same fail. I still stuck throughout this workout though, but I resolved to putting a small pillow to elevate my head a little, then I was fine. Was wondering if you ever had a student who goes through this too? and if I would elevate my head with a small pillow, could this cause a problem?

Loving this one! by Teresa on 2/6/13

Wow, that felt amazing! Difficult but amazing. I can't wait to feel how deliciously sore my abs and glutes are going to be tomorrow :)

Lovely! by Anna on 1/12/13

I loved this practice sooooo much!!!!! Ashley you're such a wonderful teacher.... I'm speechless...

Thanks for more pilates! by Jesmia on 1/6/13

This workout helped me find where I need to improve in my core strength. I can really feel a few abdominal muscles that I haven't worked on strengthening for awhile. Thanks so much!

Pilates rules big time! by Kala on 1/6/13

Ashley, you're such a wonderful teacher. You manage to know the body and really instruct with your narration to be totally aware of every muscle, every joint. I was thinking about giving my abs more work and wasn't really sure what kind of exercise to choose. I did pilates a few years ago and used to love them then; I'm so glad Datura includes this practice, but absolutely happy that you are the one whose teaching them. Thank you so much. This routine make's wanna cry of bliss :)
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