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ATS® Improv Drill Game: Beginning Classes 1-2

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2017-06-26 17:32:41 2017-06-26 18:32:41 America/Los_Angeles ATS® Improv Drill Game: Beginning Classes 1-2 ATS® Improv Drill Game: Beginning Classes 1-2 http://daturaonline.com/ats-improv-game-beginning-class-1-2 http://daturaonline.com/ats-improv-game-beginning-class-1-2

Video Description: In this ATS® workshop you get to step right into an ATS® improvisation, a first-person virtual experience of what it's like to be in an ATS® duet, trio, and quartet. Get ready to flex your improv skills by practicing both slow and fast movements from classes 1 and 2 of Colette's Beginning ATS® series, including taxeem, arm undulations, bodywaves, Egyptian, Arabic, and more. Don't forget to wear your zils for the fast songs. Jump in and be part of the game!

American Tribal Style® Drills Improvisation Hips Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 00:21:58

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Choo choo turns by Rosie on 1/20/16

Thank you for all these great videos :) I have a question. Can you ( or anyone who knows ) tell me what the cues are for choo choo's with turns? Some are for 4 and some for 6-8? Is this information in another video and I have missed it?

Colette Todorov:

Hi Rosie, Good questions! When turning to the left (counter clockwise) with Choo-Choo/Pivot Bump, there is no specific count. The lead will indicate, with the speed they enter the turn, if they are cueing a slow or fast pivot. I commonly do a turn with arm position 1 (right arm at shoulder height and left arm up) at a slower pace, then change to arm position 2 (right arm up and left arm at shoulder height), and do a quicker turn. My followers are simply following my pace. Turning to the right (clockwise) is different, as it is completed in 4 counts. Thanks! Colette

Great Practice Tool by Bonnie on 3/20/15

I usually do most of my ATS drills solo at home. This makes for a great tool, especially in practicing in formations, and just for fine tuning the basics.
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