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3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:52:23 2017-07-25 06:52:23 America/Los_Angeles 3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers 3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers http://daturaonline.com/3-4-shimmy-variations-layers http://daturaonline.com/3-4-shimmy-variations-layers

Video Description: This Fusion workshop offers some upper body layering over the 3/4 shimmy as well as three different 3/4 shimmy variations in the lower body. Upper body layers include chest circles, up to down body rolls, and down to up body rolls. Each belly dance movement will be broken down into isolations and then practiced on top of the 3/4 traveling shimmy.

Each of the 3/4 shimmy variations combine an accent or shape in the hips: including hip locks up, hip locks down, twists, and slides. We’ll explore three specific variations that include these isolations.

This workshop is designed for the experienced dancer who is already comfortable with the basic 3/4 shimmy and is ready to layer and travel!

Fusion Drills Technique Hips Footwork Shimmies Hipwork Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:05:46

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Love This! by Cheryl on 1/27/13

This class is great! I've only done it a few times, and I can already see an improvement in my shimmy. Ms. Lopez...you are so darn cute, and a great instructor. Thanks again daturaonline.

Snif by Kala on 11/18/12

You're an ass kicker! And you talk to us so nice, makes me wanna cry! Definitely one of my favorites. I was catching a break so i must continue :v

you are awesome! by zoe on 11/14/12


Wonderful Workout by CYNTHIA on 9/12/12

Thank you, Ashley!! Perfect for improving my belly dance!!

WOHOO by Belly Burger on 9/5/12

So glad to have found this site. This video is the first one I watched and it was a wonderful workout and just the right level of challenge. Thank you, Ashley!

Mz. by Lulu on 8/5/12

GREAT vid - perfect mix of slow and fast drills, and the mini combos kept it interesting! Fab job!
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